Casting and info for Stone Soup



Rehearsal Schedule: Saturday, March 6th

We will tweak things a bit, work the soup serving (please remember your bowls), and then run the ballet, hopefully twice at least! It will also be a costume rehearsal.

Please arrive 30 minutes early to get costumes on. The costumes will be in studio 2.

Felix, who’s filming may come for part of the rehearsal, as may Erin who is creating the lighting.

Please stay in the following areas. (But stay in hall if your part is coming up):
Caruso Lounge: women, teens, school children
Studio 2: raindrops, rainbows
Carsen: family, butterflies, birds, dog, cat
1:30-2:00 work soup serving in 4th movement with all human folk
2:00-4:00 run ballet, at least twice!

Cast in order of appearance

Narrator: Ana Claire
Butterflies: Ellery Barge, Grace Haislmaier, Uli Miller, Violet Schlomberg, Charlotte Stachniak

Birds: Audrey Philpott, Clara Thomas

Teens: Emma Gillach, Maeilyn Lumbard, Zach Nagle, Finlay Patterson, Noah Slade-Yarnell, Delfina Todd

Mayoress: Lian Alt

Village Women: Clara Gerlitz, Clara Hassan, Ziyi Rao

School Teacher: Maia Wheeler

School Children: Maggie Brennan, Mesa Ridgik, Xia Seufert-White, Margaux Therond, Abby Weinstein

Rain: Sina Anderson, Sienna Collins, Kate Marlowe, Fiona McCormack, Yene Seufert-White, Mathilda Smith

Rainbow: Samantha Arnold, Finn McCormack, Madeleine Muller, Sonya Racz, Juniper Schmid, Beatrice Schmidt, Sophia Zhang

Cat: Amelia Thomas

Dog: Anastasia Diener

Family: Mom and Dad: Hannah Mosher, David McGovern

Sick child: Ava Grace Schlomberg

Siblings: Fiona Gettelman, Elsa Saal, Drew Wheeler
Music: Dvorak String Quartet No. 12 in F Major performed by the Cleveland Quartet

Light design: Erin Thibodaux

Back drop projection: Claire Davison, age 5

Costumer: Erica Martin

Show Runners: Jennifer Saal, Frost Yarnell

Cinematographer: Felix Levy

Assistant: Gregory Paul Jensen