Parent Meeting Notes 1.19.19

Notes from Wrenn Combs, Executive Director

      • Welcome & introductions of staff
      • Overview of Boulder Ballet programs (outreach, adaptive, etc.)
      • Upcoming Performances:

          • New Horizons – Friday, February 22 @ 7:30pm; Saturday, February 23 @ 7:30pm, Sunday, February 24 @ 2:00pm at the Dairy
          • Storybook Ballet – Pinocchio- Friday, March 15, 2019 at 7pm, Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 2pm Sunday, March 17, 2019 at the Dairy. Levels 2B-7 – everyone can participate.
          • BB2 and Choreographer’s Showcase – Friday, March 22 at 7pm at the Dairy
          • Cinderella -Friday, May 17@ 7:30pm; Saturday, May 18 @ 2:00pm & 7:30pm, Sunday, May 19 @ 2:00pm at the Dairy

          BBS Recital – Saturday May 25, at 2pm, Saturday May 25, at 4pm,
          Sunday May 26, at Noon, Sunday May 26, at 2pm, Sunday May 26, at 4pm

          BB is a non-profit that relies on donation and grants. Need ideas for augmenting donations and sponsorships: contacts, matching fund opportunities, house parties, and any other ideas you come up with. Talk about fundraising committee and what they are doing.

          Upcoming Fundraiser Events:

          • Dancer’s Fund – Sunday, January 27th, 5:30-8 pm
          • Gala – Saturday. April 27th @ E-Town


        • Performance fees – we don’t ask parents to purchase costumes for performances or recitals. However, we do have nominal performance fees. For many of our performances, the costume shop will lend students costumes and you may just need to purchase accessories. For all performances, including the spring recital, there is an admission fee for parents.
        • Completion of west entrance, including parent/student lounge, end of April. NO ALCOHOL; hall etiquette.
        • Please use our complaint form, located on our website under the School tab if you have any problems, concerns or comments.

    Notes from Beth Litz, BB School Registrar and Office Manager

        • Office hours are 3:00-6:00, M-TH, 2:30-5:30 on Fridays and by appointment

        School Guidelines:

        • Our Student Handbook is on our website (School tab/Parents and Students) or they can be picked up from me– please read it and/or have your child read it!
        • Classroom attire -Creative Movement and Pre-ballet may wear what they want as long as they can move in it. Ballet shoes are highly suggested. Levels 1-7 – pink tights with feet, under a black leotard. Level 7 dancers may wear a solid colored leotard of their choice. Pink ballet shoes – split soles for Levels 5 and above. Dancewear can be purchased at Boulder Bodywear. If you mention that you are a student at Boulder ballet, you receive a discount. During the week of April 22nd, Boulder Bodywear will offer a larger discount to anyone associated with Boulder Ballet.
        • Used Leo Sale: We are continuing our slightly used leo sale until 4th. We have leotards, shoes, ballet skirts, and more! All items are in the BB office and can be purchased with cash or a check. All proceeds benefit the BB Tuition Assistance Program.
        • Boulder Body Wear: Mention you are a student at Boulder Ballet to receive a discount. During Boulder Body Wear week, April 22nd, there is a bigger discount offered. Location: 2850 Arapahoe Rd., Lafayette, CO.
        • Hair should be in a ponytail with barrettes or be in a bun; there is a tutorial on how to do this:

        • We ask that there be no parents in the classrooms at any level after the first couple of weeks. For the younger classes, teachers will invite you to an observation day sometime during the session.
        • Parents of young students should:
        • Stay in the building in the first weeks of class and until they know their children can make it through class without needing help going to the restroom.

          Take or send younger children to the restroom before they go into class and remind them that you do not want them to leave the classroom to go to the restroom unless it’s absolutely necessary.

        • Students are to bring all belongings into the studio; nothing to be left in the hallway. Students can use lockers located in each studio.
        • Bring water bottles with names on them to class.
        • Put your students’ names on everything! If you saw how much stuff we have in lost & found with no way to know who it belongs to, you’ll realize that this can be avoided.
        • Lost & found in NW corner of studio 1. Come look for lost items right away. They will be donated or discarded at the end of every session. There’s also a water bottle lost & found in a box in the hall, east of studio 3. Items lost or left outside the studios are turned in to the Dairy so check with them at their front desk
        • Keep hallways clear so people can pass by.
        • Please be quiet in the hallway! That includes students before and after class, parents, and siblings. There are lovely areas to hang out in lobby and on patio.
        • Absences: Let Beth ( know in advance by email if a student needs to miss class or to schedule a make-up. To schedule a make-up, please look to see the other days/times your child’s class is offered and let Beth know when you want to attend.
        • School closings: For spring session, we are only closed March 25-30th. We do hold classes on MLK Day, President’s Day, and other BVSD school days off. We will not hold classes if BVSD has a snow day. We will post on our homepage if we need to close due to a snow day.
        • If you get to the Dairy and realize your child does not have ballet shoes or you have one, please check with Beth. She has a few pairs/sizes to loan out for a class. Please make sure they are returned after that class.
        • Refund Policy: If a student discontinues instruction on or before the third class, a refund will be given (minus a $10 credit card processing fee) for the remaining tuition. Annual registration fee is not refundable. No refund will be issued after the third class, except under extraordinary circumstances as determined by the school. Please notify the office manager in writing if you plan to withdraw.

      Spring Performance Opportunities:

          • Choreographers Showcase, where students have the opportunity to create solo or group dances drawing on their own inspiration from ballet and other art forms and to present the dances in a professional theater setting. Sign up is taking place now through January 28th and is open to students in levels 3A and higher.
          • BB2, consisting of the most advanced students of the Boulder Ballet School, BB2 demonstrates the depth and quality of their training. Sign up is now through January 25th and is open to students levels 6 & 7.
          • Cinderella – auditions are Sunday, March 10th and are open to levels 2B and above.
          • Spring Recitals – all classes, Creative Movement on up, will have the opportunity to showcase their end of year recital pieces that celebrate the dancer and the techniques they learned in class. Recital schedules will be emailed out next week and will also get posted on our website.


            • Performance schedules, rehearsal times, class times, closures and other important information can be found on our website at
            • If you notice any corrections that need to be made on the website please contact Jennifer at
            • A monthly newsletter will be sent out

        Notes from Costume Shop

            • Volunteers always welcome and needed. Even if you do not have sewing skills, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities.
            • Open House – during Nutcracker auditions, 9/25 from 10:30-noon and 2-4:30
            • A monthly newsletter will be sent out
            • We created a photo wall – please bring in any photos that you’ve taken of your child from a Boulder Ballet class or performance, especially group shots.