Online Payment Instructions for Drop-In Classes

1) Sign into your BB account or create an account here

2) Click on the three horizontal bars (the hamburger) on the top left of the screen

3) Under online store, click on purchase punch cards here (even if you want to pay for a single class)

4) Under what item do you want to buy, click on punch card (even if you want to pay for a single class)

5) From the list of items, select what you would like to purchase

6) Click on that item again, add the quantity, and then add to cart, followed by check out

7) Review what you purchased and then hit next and you will be prompted to add payment information.

8) If your payment is not accepted, please contact (the system does not always work with chrome – prefers Firefox). Any questions, please reach out to Beth.

9) Please show your receipt to the instructor if you’ve paid online. If you have purchased a punch card, please ask your instructor to give you a paper punch card to keep track of the number of classes you take.