Middle School Programs

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Creativity, collaboration, and curriculum! Boulder Ballet aims to provide high quality arts education programming for middle school students to discover joy and confidence through dance. Our outreach programs foster the creative potential of all students, while providing a supportive environment emphasizing the art of dance. Lifelong learning is encouraged through collaborative group work and movement activities. Each residency addresses the core competencies in the Colorado Academic Standards for physical education and/or science.

12000895_917721704932154_7580761654464507026_o (1)Through arts integration techniques, students experience movement games incorporating academic concepts of science or physical education, creative activities, and dance sequences. The program culminates with an optional performance demonstrating the knowledge and skills that the students have gained throughout the program.

Offered to: Middle School (6-8)
Number of lessons: 4
Aligned with Colorado Academic Standards:
Earth Science, Dance the Spheres
Physical Education, Reach the Summit

For further information on our Middle School Programs, contact Program Director Amy Earnest:
Email: Amy@boulderballet.org
Phone: 303.443.0028 ext. 6


A male 7th grade student just came up to me and said “I didn’t know that I could dance.”
~ Lisa Rae George, Northglenn Middle School (Adams County Public Schools)

The final performance was outstanding! One student said that he appreciated that he went from hating dance to loving it.
~ Erin Ourganian, Bell Middle School (Jefferson County Public Schools)

My students really stepped out our their comfort zone and rose to the challenge. Their level of participation and enthusiasm exceeded my expectations, as did the program itself.
~ Caroline Weinberg, Mesa Middle School (Douglas County Public Schools)

Love how you integrate vocabulary and movement with curriculum – dance and physical education.
~ Lisa Kring, Falcon Bluffs Middle School (Jefferson County Public Schools)

[The teacher] worked some magic getting very large groups to complete a wonderful final performance. At the end of each session, many students wanted her to come back. I think this fact says it all. Thanks so much Boulder Ballet!
~ Kris Lucic, Broomfield Heights Middle School (Boulder County Public Schools)

There were too many stand out moments to mention. Boulder Ballet is amazing with the students and they immediately took to the instructor and were enthusiastic to learn the dance. I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome of the students that tend to be more introverted actually wanting to do a freestyle dance in front of the audience and putting forth their best effort to dance. As a teacher, I could not be more pleased with the outcome of Boulder Ballet coming to our building and sharing their expertise. I know that this successful program will be embedded in my students’ memory forever from their middle school experience. I can not thank Boulder Ballet enough for the enjoyment that was had by my students, myself, and the building as a whole. (I was even told that parents entering the building that observed the dances were saying how great they thought it was.) What a wonderful opportunity!
~ Danielle Knox, Cimarron Middle School (Douglas County Public Schools)