Boulder Ballet COVID-19 Safe Practices

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Boulder Ballet COVID-19 Safe Practices


  • All Boulder Ballet faculty and students must always wear a facial covering and practice social distancing measures. This applies to all ages and levels. Masks are available should anyone have a need.
  • All persons must remain socially distant – 6 feet from one another at all times.
  • Hand sanitizer will be given to all participants prior to entering the building. Hand sanitizer will be in each studio and available for students to use upon departure.
  • Parents may accompany small children into the studio for lessons as long as the classroom headcount is maintained per the City of Boulder’s guidelines for recreational activities. We highly encourage parents to wait outside the building to keep the number of people in the studio at a minimum. If you would like to leave a sign on your dashboard with your child’s name, this will assist us in bringing your child safely to you.
  • Participants should be prepared for class upon arrival (dressed in ballet attire with hair up/back) to maximize class time and minimize exposure to various areas of the building.  All classes will be scheduled with time to allow for students to arrive and leave safely.
  • The Dairy is currently closed to the public. The lounge, lobby and hallways of The Dairy are strictly off limits. Restrooms are open for use.


  • No physical greetings! Though this may seem obvious, it can be tough to change old habits—no hugs, handshakes or kisses on the cheek. Don’t forget to say hello—but now’s the time to stick to a wave.
  • Studio doors should remain open prior to and after classes to avoid multiple hands on doorknobs and increase ventilation. Should a door need to be closed during class, this is to be done by faculty only.
  • All  barres will be cleaned and marked prior to the start of class. Students must stand at a barre marked for proper social distancing. The floor is taped with social distancing markers for center work. Please adhere to the indicated spacing for the safety of you and your fellow dancers.
  • Barres must be cleaned following use with provided cleaning supplies by those using the barres. Faculty must oversee cleaning of barres.
  • Please bring all items into the studio with you and place in distance-marked spaces for belongings.
  • Before leaving the studio all faculty must wipe the stereo, doorknobs, light switches and all barres that need extra TLC.
  • When a teacher has to spend significant time reminding students of social distancing requirements, the experience of every student is diminished. Our policy is a three-step process: 1. The teacher warns the disruptive student and attempts to improve the situation in the studio. 2. After two warnings/attempts to improve the situation, the teacher will ask the student to sit out of class and will talk with the parent(s) to seek a solution. 3. If the above steps fail the student may be asked to postpone training until their behavior has matured. There will be no refund of tuition in this circumstance.

For questions or concerns please email the Executive Director, Claudia Hubiak at