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Lovingly Used Leotard Sale

Hello Boulder Ballet Families,
With Summer programs in full swing, you may have come across leos and other dancewear that have
been outgrown. With Fall classes just around the corner, you may have recognized a need for “new”
leos to replace them. Boulder Ballet’s Lovingly Used Leo Sale can help you solve both of these problems!
We will be collecting gently used items in Nan and Beth’s office through August 9 th at 6pm.
The Big Event will take place August 19 th before and after the parent meeting. Sales will start in Studio
3 at 1:30 and will go until 5:00 with a break for the 2:30-4:00 meeting. We can accept only cash and
checks; no credit cards.
All leotards and skirts will be $15, other items will be at various great prices. All proceeds will go to the
Boulder Ballet Scholarship Fund. Anything that is left over will be donated to a dance company to be
determined- all suggestions are welcome!
Thank you so much for donating what you don’t need and taking a look for something you do need!
Any questions can be directed to:
Frost Yarnell at 303-503-9506 or
Kate Philpott at 303-523-2609 or

My child danced at Boulder Ballet last year. In what level should I register her/him for Fall?

If your child was in level 1A or higher last spring, the teacher’s recommendation for fall is on the evaluation you or your child received at the end of the semester. If she is 3-4 years old, continue with Creative Movement. 5 year olds should take Pre-Ballet. For 6 year olds, speak to their last instructor for advice if you are not certain whether your child is ready to move up.

Does my child move up every semester?

Typically, students stay at a given level for one year, sometimes more when they reach the upper levels.

What are the planned school closure dates for 2018–2019?

Labor Day: September 3
Thanksgiving Break: November 21–23
Winter Break: December 24–January 4
Spring Break: March 25–29

Do you close when Boulder Valley School District is scheduled for planned days off?

Boulder Ballet does not close except as shown above.

How can I find out whether regular classes and open classes will be cancelled in the case of inclement weather?

Please check the BVSD website first thing in the morning if you think there is a chance the school district might close. Boulder Ballet cancels classes only when BVSD publishes district-wide school closure first thing in the morning. In such instances, Boulder Ballet will post that information to our homepage as early as possible.

Do you offer tuition assistance?

Boulder Ballet has implemented a Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) to extend the artistry, passion, and sheer joy of dance to those children in the community who would otherwise not have the opportunity to obtain training and education in dance and for existing students who need temporary assistance due to unforeseen financial distress. Tuition assistance is based on a student’s financial need and aptitude for dance. Our ability to award assistance is dependent on funds being available.
TAP information and application form can be found at the top of this page.

What is the date of this year’s school recital?

Our Gala end-of-year show is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, May 25 & 26. Please make sure your child(ren) can take part. This show is great fun for the entire Boulder Ballet community.

Why was the charge on my credit card $35 more than the cost that was listed for tuition?

There is an annual family registration fee of $35 per year for the first family member and $20 per year for each additional member of the family. There is no registration fee for families for the Summer Program.

I will be registering my child for classes in level 3A or higher. How do I get the discount offered for taking all the classes offered for her level?

You should register only for the class described as “LEVEL 3A ALL CLASSES,” “LEVEL 7 ALL CLASSES,” etc. Select only that option and you will automatically be signed up for all classes offered at a given level; this is the only way to receive the discounted rate.

If my daughter wants to take pre-pointe or pointe, how many technique classes does she need to take?

Dancers registering for a pre-pointe class are required to take one additional technique class. Dancers who are registering for pointe class are required to take two additional technique classes.


Can I leave to get a drink during class?

No, though you are welcome to bring a water bottle into class.

Can I leave my belongings in the hall?

No. Please bring your belongings into the studio. This ensures security of your items and fire safety in the hall.

How come I can't wear warm-ups?

Because we need to see your alignment and technique so we can help you develop properly to avoid injuries and achieve success.

I know it's bad to miss rehearsal, but can I please attend a birthday party?

Hmmmmm, no.

If I know more advanced steps how come I can't do them, but instead have to work so slowly?

Because we want you to learn correctly, and execute steps cleanly and precisely. This ensures that you develop your muscles, correct alignment, and good solid technique, and also prevents injury.

Why can't I go en pointe before 11? I'm strong, I'm good!

Because your feet are not developed enough and you can harm your feet. This is why ballet feet have the stereotype of being ugly.

Why do you mostly correct instead of praise?

Because we want you to grow as far as you want to grow. We do try to balance it, though we assume you are in class to learn and to strive to improve. We are there to help you with your goal.


I am an adult and have not danced before/not for a long time. Are adult drop-in classes a good idea for me?

Definitely! If you are new to ballet you should start with a Beginning Ballet class. Then you can move up to the next level as soon as you feel ready. If it has been many years since you danced and you are worried that you don’t remember anything, you can certainly start with Beginning, but feel free to start with Beginning/Intermediate or Intermediate, depending on your previous experience.

Can I pay for an individual drop-in class with a credit card?

We strongly prefer that you pay with cash or a check for a single class. As a non-profit, we try to keep our expenses as low as possible and credit card fees are a significant expense for us. You are welcome to use your credit card to purchase punch cards.


When are Nutcracker auditions held?

Auditions for the Nutcracker 2018 are held on Saturday, August 25, 2018, with the following schedule:
Levels 2B, 3A & 3B—2–3PM
Levels 4 & 5—3–4:30PM (bring pointe shoes)
Levels 6 & 7—4:30–6PM (wear pointe shoes)
Arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time to register.
A parent must sign the audition form.

Is there any possibility that a dancer at a level lower than 2B can get a part?

Sorry, no.

What is the time commitment for my child if she/he gets a part?

From mid-September to later in October, cast members are likely to rehearse on Saturday afternoon. From late October through mid-November, rehearsals typically run on Saturday and Sunday. The week before performances, there are additional rehearsal times. There are performances at Macky Auditorium on the CU campus November 25–27 and in Longmont December 3–4.

My child has a family vacation/wants to go skiing/ extracurricular school programs that conflict with attending rehearsals. Can she/he skip a few?

Cast members are not allowed to miss any rehearsals at all. Please do not have your dancer audition unless she/he is available throughout the Nutcracker season. Failure to attend rehearsals can result in dismissal from the cast.


What's the Summer Intensive schedule?


Should we pack food and drinks to bring to class?

You will definitely want your child to bring a water bottle (marked with their name). They will need to stay well hydrated. If their class runs all day, have them pack a lunch. For level 3A/3B, they will want to have a snack. They are going to be working hard and will need plenty of fuel!

Will they need to bring anything for the conditioning and specials each day?

Students need to bring their pre-pointe or pointe shoes every day. Depending on their specials for the day, have them bring appropriate shoes and accessories, i.e. yoga mat, character or jazz shoes if they have them. Instructors will give them additional information on the first day of class.