Storybook Ballet Info

Every year, Boulder Ballet School brings a familiar tale to life through the beautiful art of dance in Storybook Ballet. These productions feature original choreography and are performed by students of Boulder Ballet School, ages 8 and up. An inspirational experience for performers and audiences of all ages!

Congratulations to all the dancers who made it into the production this year. Below is some important information for you.

Storybook 2018 features Snow White, based on the German fairytale by the Brothers Grimm. It tells the classic story of the princess and her stepmother, the evil queen, who is envious of Snow White’s beauty. This production will also feature the well-known cast of characters including the seven dwarfs, the huntsman, and the handsome prince as well as the magic mirror and poisoned apple. Snow White is choreographed by Amy Earnest and features the students of Boulder Ballet School.

Friday March 9 at 7PM
Saturday March 10 at 2PM
Sunday March 11 at 2PM

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