Storybook Ballet Info

Every year, Boulder Ballet School brings a familiar tale to life through the beautiful art of dance in Storybook Ballet. These productions feature original choreography and are performed by students of Boulder Ballet School, ages 8 and up. An inspirational experience for performers and audiences of all ages!

Congratulations to all the dancers who made it into the production this year. Below is some important information for you.

Cast List 2022

Rehearsal Schedule

Storybook 2022 features Josefina’s Story. Josefina’s Story is a ballet that shows that friendship is more important than material gifts. Friendship can easily cross-racial, religious, political, and class lines if we let it. A wise Abuelita teaches wealthy Don Delgado a life-changing lesson, with the help of the friendship of Josefina and Estrellita. Join us in the village of Salamanca, Spain for an afternoon of love and joy.

Josefina’s story will be performed at the Dairy Arts Center from March 11-13.

Friday, March 11 at 7 pm
Saturday, March 12 at 2 pm
Sunday, March 13 at 2 pm

Tickets will be available soon