Summer Classes 2018

January 15 – May 27, 2018

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Labor Day: September 4
Thanksgiving Break: November 20–25
Winter Break: December 25–January 6
Spring Break: March 26–31

Studio 1, Studio 2, and Studio 3 are located at the Dairy ARTS Center, 2590 Walnut Street, Boulder, at the intersection of Walnut and 26th Street.
Free parking is available in the parking lot on the west side of the building off of Walnut Street. Enter the Dairy via the staircase located near the south end of the parking lot.

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Creative Movement, ages 3 and 4

An introduction to movement, rhythm, teamwork, and getting to know our bodies.
Monday 3:30–4:15PM, Studio 2 Kate Adams
Tuesday 3:15–4PM, Studio 3 Lexi Greenberger
Friday 3:30–4:15PM, Studio 3 Amy Earnest
Saturday 9–9:45AM, Studio 3 Kate Adams

Pre-Ballet, ages 5 and 6

An introduction to ballet, further exploration of rhythm, discipline, learning steps, and creating stories with dance.
Monday 3:15–4PM, Studio 3 Kelsey Byrne
Wednesday 3:15–4PM, Studio 3 Carly Hambridge
Friday 4:15-5:00PM, Studio 3 Amy Earnest
Saturday 9:45–10:30AM, Studio 3 Kate Adams

Level 1A, ages 6–9

Monday 5–6PM, Studio 3 Kelsey Byrne
Tuesday 4–5PM, Studio 2 Amy Earnest
Thursday 4–5PM, Studio 3 Anna Warrener

Level 1B, ages 6–9

Monday 4–5PM, Studio 3 Kelsey Byrne
Tuesday 5–6PM, Studio 3 Lexi Greenberger

Level 2A, ages 7–9

Tuesday 4–5PM, Studio 3 Lexi Greenberger
Thursday 5–6PM, Studio 3 Anna Warrener

Level 2B, ages 7–9

Wednesday 4–5PM, Studio 3 Carly Hambridge
Thursday 4–5PM, Studio 2 Amy Earnest

Level 3A

Wednesday 5–6PM, Studio 3 Laura Spanioli
Saturday 10:30–11:30AM, Studio 3 Amy Earnest

Level 3B

Monday 4:15–5:30PM, Studio 2, Amy Earnest
Friday 4–5:15PM, Studio 2, Ana Claire
Saturday 11:30AM–12:30PM (pre-pointe), Studio 3, Amy Earnest

Level 4

Monday 4:15–6:15PM, Studio 1, Kate Adams
Tuesday 4:00–5:15PM, Studio 1, Ana Claire
Thursday 5–6:30PM, Studio 2, Becky Jancosko
Saturday 9–11:30PM (pointe), Studio 2, Ana Claire

Level 5

Monday 6:00–8:00PM (w/Pointe), Studio 3, Lexi Greengerber
Tuesday 5–6:30PM, Studio 2, Amy Earnest
Wednesday 4–5:30PM, Studio 2, Becky Jancosko
Thursday 4:00–5:30PM, Studio 1, Ana Claire
Friday 5:15–6:45PM (pointe), Studio 2, Amy Earnest

Level 6

Monday 5:30-7:30PM, Studio 2, Lance Hardin
Tuesday 6:30–8:00PM, Studio 2, Amy Earnest
Wednesday 4:00–6:15PM (w/Variations), Studio 1, Ana Claire
Thursday 6:45–8:15PM, Studio 2, Amy Earnest
Friday 5:30–7:00PM (pointe), Studio 1, Becky Jancosko

Level 7

Monday 6:15-8:15PM, Studio 1, Amy Earnest
Tuesday 5:15–6:45PM, Studio 1, Ana Claire
Wednesday 5:30–7:45PM (w/Variations), Studio 2, Lance Hardin
Thursday 6:45–8:15PM, Studio 1, Becky Jancosko
Friday 4:00–5:30PM (pointe), Studio 1, Becky Jancosko

Beginning Teen Ballet

Designed for students aged 11–16 who are new to ballet and want classical training that will prepare them to integrate into regular student-based classes.
Thursday 5:30–6:45PM, Studio 1, Amy Earnest

Boys Program

Boyz Dance 1, ages 9–12
Friday, 5:00–6:00PM, Studio 3, Lance Hardin