Pre-Professional Program

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Please contact for audition information.

General Information

Click to see a video about our program!

Click the photo above to see a video about the program!

Pre Professional classes are held Monday through Friday 1:30-4pm.

  • Students will receive focused attention in classical ballet training supplemented with jazz, modern, character and contemporary as well as vital conditioning classes.
  • Seminars and workshops will include Nutrition, Injury Prevention, Resume Writing, Audition Preparedness, and more.

Acceptance to the Boulder Ballet School Pre-Professional program is by audition only. In addition to their regular leveled classes, students enrolled in the program will receive 14 hours of additional training per week. Students are expected to take all evening classes for their level in addition to the afternoon program. The program will run on the same calendar as the Boulder Ballet School beginning on August 23, 2021. Students in the Pre-Professional program will have additional performance opportunities, in particular participation in Boulder Ballet Outreach performances. Pre-Professional students are required to be in the BB2 productions in the spring. All of this is conditioned upon performances happening.


The Boulder Ballet School Pre-Professional program is designed for those wishing to prepare for a professional ballet career. Boulder Ballet therefore has high expectations for your commitment and dedication to the program. Students will be required to sign a contract committing to uphold BBS standards of behavior.

Interested students should also contact their guidance counselor for scheduling and homeschooling options, and information on receiving PE, art, or internship credits by participating.


Pre-Pro Schedule – Fall 2021-2022

Boulder Ballet Pre Professional Program Contract 2021-2022

BB PrePro Policies