Parent Meeting Notes 8.20.17

Notes from Wrenn Combs, Executive Director

  • Welcome & introductions.
  • Need ideas for augmenting donations and sponsorships: contacts, matching fund opportunities, house parties, and any other ideas you come up with.
  • Colorado Gives Day (Tues., Dec. 5) is a great time to donate to Boulder Ballet because it is an opportunity to get additional funds based on the amount of donations taken in that day that are directed specifically to BB. More information to come.
  • Performance fee hikes: Nutcracker fee will be $150. Other shows will go up as well.
  • Unfortunately, no Gentle Nutcracker this year.

Notes from Ana Claire, Artistic Director

  • Anonymous letter
    • Issue of students missing classes and bringing down the quality – We do everything in our power to get students to come to their classes but we can’t force them. We always teach above the median. The kids missing class aren’t getting as strong but it doesn’t affect the kids who are there. We don’t backtrack for those who miss class. This is not a team sport; what you put in, you get out. Regardless, dancers can work to the best of their ability regardless of who is or is not in class.
    • Commitment to rehearsals – Students will again be required to commit, on the audition form, to missing no more than one Nutcracker rehearsal or risk being removed from the cast. Some have been dismissed from shows in the past, and this is a distinct possibility, especially for double cast roles.
    • Taking training seriously – If we only welcomed students wanting to take all classes and become professionals we would not have enough of them at the middle and upper levels to offer those classes. We agree with the ideal, but cannot realistically implement it.
  • Nutcracker – who is eligible to audition (2B-7); date of audition (Aug. 26); rehearsal schedule (starts Sept. 9); we will post cast list online (Sept. 2); Nutcracker Parent Meeting (Sept. 16, from 2-4); performance fee of $150 due at first rehearsal, or at parent meeting on Sept. 16; check website on Thursday each week to find out whether there are schedule changes.
  • Missing classes and rehearsals
    • Highly recommend coming to every rehearsal.
    • We reserve the right to dismiss if cast member skips more than one rehearsal; much more likely to be cut if part is double cast.
  • Longer classes for levels 6 & 7 / Specials – will do stretch & strength in the first weeks to get students back in their bodies. Then will do variations and other specials not yet determined.
  • Coaching for YAGP competition – will notify interested students by end of second week of class and confirm the Wednesday and Sunday coaching times.
  • Storybook and “Mother’s Day” shows – Snow White for Storybook (Mar. 16-18); Giselle in the Gordon Gamm Theater at the Dairy (May 18-20, the weekend after Mother’s Day).
  • Other events: Company showing on 10/1; Cindy Brandle event 10/27-28; Witches Brew 10/28; Kids at the Dairy 11/2; Nutcracker Tea 12/8-9; more details will be announced.

Notes from Lance Hardin, Associate Artistic Director

  • Etiquette
    • Show respect at all times to teachers, students, everyone else using the building.
    • This is dancers’ safe space.
      • Bullying of any sort is unacceptable and should be reported immediately to the teacher or BB office (Nan).
      • The same is true at rehearsals: students should tell someone from BB staff if they encounter difficulties.
    • Come to class focused, open to change and growth, ready to challenge yourself.
    • As always, we want older students to be role models for the younger dancers.
    • Don’t miss class unless absolutely necessary.
    • Stop chatting.
    • Hair should be in a ponytail with barrettes or be in a bun; there is a tutorial on how to do this: .
    • Students may bring cell phones in case of emergency but not allowed to use them during class for any other reason.

Notes from Nan, BB School Registrar

  • Office hours starting this semester are 3:00-6:00 weekdays and by appointment; no monthly Saturday hours anymore.
  • Pick up photos from the spring Gala!
  • Nutcracker auditions on Aug. 26
    • Audition forms – download from our website at or when you come to audition
    • Arrive ½ hour before call time with completed audition form (don’t leave it on the kitchen table!).
    • Volunteering – we need lots of help in the costume shop, backstage, and with Boulder Ballet Guild sales, so we require 2 shifts per family during the show period. Families not meeting the volunteer requirement will be charged $150 and cannot register for following semester until paid. Please understand: we far prefer to have volunteers than money. We cannot put on shows successfully without your participation!
  • Gently used leo sale same day as Nutcracker auditions, Aug. 26, 1:30-4:30. Looking for a parent to take over this fundraiser next year.
  • Payments by check always preferable.
  • Except for info about specific classes, school-wide emails will link to our website. We want parents and students to get familiar and comfortable going there as soon as possible.
  • Classroom-related issues
    • No parents in classrooms at any level after the first couple of weeks.
    • Parents of young students should:
  • Stay in the building in the first weeks of class and until they know their children can make it through class without needing help going to the washroom.
  • Remind little ones you do not want them to leave the classroom to go to the washroom unless it’s absolutely necessary; if you say this, they are less likely to need to do it.
  • Take or send younger children to the washroom before they go into class.
    • Students are to bring all belongings into the studio; nothing to be left in the hallway.
    • Bring water bottles to class.
    • Put your students’ names on everything!
    • Lost & found in NW corner of studio 1. Come look for lost items right away. They will be donated or discarded every several weeks.
    • Keep hallways clear – cannot block hallway
    • Be quiet in the hallway! That includes students before and after class, parents, and siblings. Lovely areas to hang out in lobby and on patio
    • Items lost or left outside the studios are turned in to the Dairy so check with them at their front desk or at the Boedecker Theater.

Let Nan ( know in advance by email if student needs to miss class or to schedule a make-up.