Overview & Testimonials


Boulder Ballet has long held that everything we do grows out of community. This is not just about our artistic vision; it also refers to the impact of sharing and connecting through the art of ballet. Boulder Ballet has grown and flourished for over 30 years on the Front Range; our roots are deep in Colorado. So, too, is our commitment to community through education and outreach programs. Our primary goal is to reach those students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience dance and movement.

Boulder Ballet offers three in-school programs to schools in Colorado:

Through these three educational outreach programs, we teach the participating K-8 students about how they move through the world—never the same way twice. We emphasize the improvisatory nature of movement and dance and how natural movement can become something highly structured like ballet. In various ways, we work with students to become more “at home” in their own bodies and to learn to recognize that each one of them has the same capacity for expression through motion that the most accomplished ballet artist does. Our teaching approach is student centered, emphasizing acceptance without judgment and embracing the potential that every student is born with.


I know the students really enjoyed it, even the 6th graders who entered with skepticism thinking it was going to be a week of ballet. They all asked the next week why we couldn’t do it another week. Thanks to the Boulder Ballet for introducing movement and drama to kids this way. It is a much needed skill for our students to gain body awareness and confidence. And it is even more needed for children whose lives are so filled with test preparation and testing, and rarely get the opportunity to express themselves and move!
~ Melody Epperson, Elementary Arts Teacher

A male 7th grade student just came up to me and said “I didn’t know that I could dance.”
~ Lisa Rae George, Northglenn Middle School

I am writing to commend you for the excellent performance, “Steps in Time,” that we recently enjoyed at Park Hill School in Denver, thanks to the Boulder Ballet. From start to finish, this ballet kept the students on the edge of their seats…the perfect mix of interesting anecdotes, audience participation, and spectacular dancing to enthrall our diverse student population. I was thrilled to see so many young people, many of whom had never before seen ballet dancing, suddenly expressing interest in learning more about this beautiful art form. What a wonderful survey of ballet history and an artistic experience these students are not soon to forget. Thank you for securing the funding to make such opportunities available to inner city kids. Best wishes in your future endeavors, and we hope to see Boulder Ballet here again!
~ Leslie Dawe, Park Hill Elementary, Denver

What a fabulous assembly! We had a wonderful time! The dancers were engaging, informative, and very talented. My students, colleagues, and I were completely wrapped up in the stories told through dance. This assembly touched so many aspects of the curricula that the students study. Through the material performed in the assembly, students were making connections to history, composers they had studied this year in music, and places they had researched.
~ Gwen Waldman, Fox Hollow Elementary, Aurora

The Boulder Ballet’s presentation at Bear Creek on April 24 was a huge hit! The students were attentive throughout the hour-long presentation. Your style of presentation (timing, variety of performers), information, music choices and ballet selections were all perfect to capture the interest, attention, and delight of elementary-aged children.
~ Anna Langness, PhD, Bear Creek Elementary, Boulder

Many of our kids here at Coronado Hills don’t get out to see these sorts of performances and this type of art, so we try to have an assembly about once a month, but none have compared to what you did here last week. Thank goodness for the grants and funding so that your people could present this wonderful program to our students.
~ Sara Tyburczy, Coronado Hills Elementary School, Thornton

I must take this opportunity to highly recommend the Boulder Ballet for school assemblies. Each and every student was engaged and attentive. We had kindergartners through sixth graders in this particular assembly, over 500 students! You could hear a pin drop. They were fascinated and delighted. Many exited the gym on their tiptoes. The dancers were top notch, very professional, and took their job very seriously. We were entertained, enlightened, educated and enthralled. Thank you Boulder Ballet for coming to our school!
~ Mitzy A. Lurvey, Academy Elementary School, Westminster