Meet the Nutcracker Cast Blog


Meet Child Clara Hazel Rinehart!Hazel

I’ve wanted to be Clara since the first time I saw the Nutcracker, age two and a half. My mom fell asleep in the middle of the ballet, but I stayed awake for the whole thing, on the edge of my seat. I love the Nutcracker because it’s magical; the dancing makes the music come to life. Plus, I get so sucked into the story.

I first tried out for the role of Clara three years ago. When I didn’t get the part, it stung. But I got over the hurt, because I realized that playing any role in the Nutcracker is so much fun. The next year, I tried out again, and still didn’t get the part. But my friends were there to make me smile.

That’s the thing about Boulder Ballet; it’s so welcoming. When you walk in the door, it feels like walking into your own home. Ana Clare, Lance, Amy, and Becky (the teachers) are down-to-earth human beings who care for you and want to bring out the best in you. If you mess up, everyone is there to pick you back up and encourage you. This year, when I found out I was Clara, I was shocked. But my friends acted like it was natural, and something to celebrate. The experience taught me that I should never give up, because anything is possible.

I hope to bring a lot of emotion to Clara; it’s challenging because there is a lot of choreography to remember. It’s tiring, and being lifted by a giant rat is scary. I love the directors because they don’t scare you, their way of teaching makes it exciting to go to ballet.

What you may not know about me is that I love to sing. I love the fact that I can make cool sounds with just my mouth. My favorite things to sing are ballads, old classics, and broadway musical songs.

Meet Mouse Ruth Clement!Ruth

My name is Ruth Clement and my role in the nutcracker is a mouse. I am 9 years old and I am in level 2B so it was the first year I was able to audition. When I found out I was in The Nutcracker I was really surprised and excited. The reason I tried out for the nutcracker is because I have always wanted to perform and show others my skill and how delightful it is to dance. My older sister Anna is a soldier and a cookie in the nutcracker this year, which is fun because we are on opposite sides of the battle scene. The most fun thing about Anna being soldier and me a mouse is that she helps capture me under the net. When Anna was a mouse she got caught under the net, which makes being caught even more fun because we do the same thing. Another fun thing about me being a mouse is that my cast (cast B) has a rehearsal on my birthday, November 29th. Besides dancing ballet, I also play violin. My favorite song to play on violin is the Bach Double, a concerto for 2 violins. I enjoy playing Bach Double because I can play it with one of my other sisters, Josy, who also plays violin. It is fun to play Bach Double because the two violins are trading off as if they are having a conversation. I hope you enjoy watching The Nutcracker!

Meet Mouse Delfina Todd!Delfina

I started as a mouse six years ago and I’m still a mouse. I began dancing in Bend, Oregon, at age two and a half to be precise. It was at the Athletic Club of Bend in a little studio that introduced ballet, tap, and jazz. My favorite show that I remember doing there was tap, to a song like this: “I’m a Broadway banana! How I love to sing and dance. I’m looking for my lucky chance to be in a shoooowwww!” So, you can imagine my early love of performing.
When I was five, I could join the Central Oregon School of Ballet, and I did. Now, the game there was very different from here. It was so small every dancer got to be in the Nutcracker. Five year olds there were Mice, then Soldiers, then Party Girls (or Clara! I was a runner up), then Arabians, then Clowns (here, we call them “Cookies”), etc.
So technically, in all, I have been in the Nutcracker for six years. Three years here, three years there. I’ve been dancing for nine years. It’s definitely my number one thing to do after school. I simply love it!
Being a mouse here is more technical, more dancing. All we really got to do in Bend was run around in boiling hot costumes. But one thing that’s the same, no matter what role you have or how many years you’ve been doing it, is the chance to add something special to your role. This year, I’m going to die dramatically! I get to be shot by the cannon, and I’m pretty excited about it. My friend Christina told me that when she was a mouse she also got to be shot by the cannon, and she told me that dying dramatically is a must!
I’m really excited for Nutcracker this year, and I have a good feeling about it. Advice for the younger dancers: Keep dancing!!!! Forever and ever and ever and ever!!! Even through the challenges and pain to come throughout the next couple of years. If you love it, do it.
Delfina Todd (age 10)

Meet Big Party Girl/Dignitary Emily!Emily

This is my 5th year in the nutcracker. My first year I was a plumette, I danced in the second act with two other plumettes and the sugar plum fairy. Our costumes were super cute, we had mini tutus that were all pink with little tiaras. My second year I was a gingerbread girl, my favorite memory of that part was crawling out of mother ginger’s skirt and popping up on stage, with all the other gingerbread girls. There were 13 of us so it was very crowded! My third year I was a gingerbread girl again but also a little party girl, I danced in the party scene in the first act. That has been my favorite part so far because there was a ton of acting involved and we danced with the party dads who picked us up in the March of the Nutcracker Dance. Then last year, I was again a gingerbread girl which I was more than happy about because the gingerbread girl dance was so lively and energetic and tons of fun! This year I’m a dignitary which so far has been so much fun the dance is super fast with lots of little steps which is a challenge. And this year, I’m also a older party girl. It’s my first part on pointe which i’m so excited about, I’ve been on pointe a year and a half, so it’s also a challenge.

I’ve been dancing for 9 years. I started when i was 3 years old at a place called little gym. It closed about 5 years ago. I was there with my cousins and we did gymnastics, tap and ballet. After that I did a year of ballet at the rec center. After that, I moved to Boulder Ballet and I’ve been there since.

I tried out for the Nutcracker because, even before I started ballet, my entire extended family would go to Boulder Ballet’s Nutcracker, every year. It became a tradition I looked forward to all year – Nutcracker was the highlight of my Thanksgiving. All my cousins and I would dress up our American Girl dolls, bring them to the show and have sit on our laps while we watched. When I was 8, I was finally old enough to try out, and I was thrilled to finally be in the show that I had watched for so many years.

I have 2 really fun characters this year! In the dignitary role, I dance with a lot of my friends and the dance itself is really fun. The costumes are super awesome and unique. And older party girl is really cheerful and upbeat. There’s also a lot of acting in the party scene which is a fun challenge. Party girl is my first part on pointe and I’m one of the younger dancers in this role. Most of the other dancers have been on pointe longer and are more experienced than me.

I hope my love for dance and my love for the Nutcracker will help make my characters the best they can be. Nutcracker has really been part of me so I hope it will really show on stage.

Something you don’t know about me is that on the weekends I ski. I have a cabin in Winter Park that I go up to almost every weekend (when Nutcracker is over). I go up Friday night after my class than ski Saturday, Sunday, and since i’m homeschooled,sometimes part of Monday until I have to go down for ballet class.

Meet 8 year old Lexie Miller who is cast in the role of a MouseLexie Miller

I’ve been dancing ballet for 5 years. This is my first Nutcracker year. Last year when I saw the Nutcracker I really couldn’t wait to try out. The entire way home after the performance, we were talking about it. I really like the music. I like the scenery. I like when it snows. I was really thrilled to get in because there were so many people who auditioned, and I was sure I wasn’t going to get the part. I am excited to be a mouse because they are cute and fuzzy. I think it might be hard to catch the cheese and do everything on the right counts— it’s a lot to keep track of. I like that the mice have a lot of scampering about and I get to toss cheese. I want to be a cookie as soon as I have enough years of dancing to get that part. I’m really nervous to get on stage because it’s a lot of people watching!! Something you probably don’t know about me is that the root word Lex means words and I love to read. I also play the violin and I do synchronized swimming.

Meet 9 year old Lexi Zeilbeck who is cast in the role of a MouseLexi Zeilbeck

I am so very excited this will be my very first Nutcracker performance. I have been taking ballet off and on for the last 4 years. I remember watching The Nutcracker for the very first time when I was 5 years old. I looked at my mom after the performance and said, “I want to be in that show.” When I was finally able to audition with Boulder Ballet I knew I had to try out.The audition was fun and scary at the same time. There were so many people that auditioned. I have done many musical theatre productions in the past, and have never been in competition with so many talented people at one time. I love that as a mouse I get to throw around cheese with my other mouse castmates. My goal in the future is to have the role of Clara. One thing people might not know about me is I love science and dream of going to space someday. I am counting down the days until my first Nutcracker performance, and cannot wait to share this experience with all of my new friends.