Colorado Gives Day Tuesday December 4

Photo by Sue Daniels

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Schedule your donation to Boulder Ballet today!

What your donations allowed us to do this season:
• Expand our company to 13 talented dancers, pushing our productions to new levels of excellence
• Extend the performing season from 29 to 31 weeks
• Reach out to 31 schools bringing dance to 21,000 students in participation-based residencies and assembly performances
• Take our enormously popular outreach program to more elementary and middle schools in the five metro counties we serve

Our goals for the rest of this season and next:
• Obtain funding for world-renowned choreographers to come and set their work on our highly accomplished professional dancers
• Increase the number of company performances, a request from our wonderful patrons and donors
• Offer benefits critical to the overall health and well-being of the company dancers
• Continue to expand our outreach programming to new schools
• Refurbish our studios with improvements to the flooring and new sound systems

We know you share our passion for ballet and understand how important it is to bring the magic of this art form to Boulder. Your generosity allows us to take dance to new audiences and places in our community. Please send a special gift today of $100 or more and join in the dance for another season.

Featured image by Sue Daniels