Spring Semester – January 14-May 26, 2019

Photo by Erin Tunbridge

Click on the + for class day, time, fees and description. Fees listed are for the entire 18-week session. Register here or, if you would like to set up a payment plan, please visit Beth in the Boulder Ballet Office.

Creative Movement, ages 3 and 4

An introduction to movement, rhythm, teamwork, and getting to know our bodies.
Monday 3:30–4:15PM, Studio 2, $230
Tuesday 3:15–4:00PM, Studio 3, $230
Friday 3:30–4:15PM, Studio 3, $230
Saturday 9:00–9:45AM, Studio 3, $230

Pre-Ballet, ages 5 and 6

An introduction to ballet, further exploration of rhythm, discipline, learning steps, and creating stories with dance.
Monday 3:15–4:00PM, Studio 3, $230
Wednesday 3:15–4:00PM, Studio 3, $230
Friday 4:15-5:00PM, Studio 3, $230
Saturday 9:45–10:30AM, Studio 3, $230

Level 1A, ages 6–9

Monday 5:00–6:00PM, Studio 3, $265
Tuesday 4:00–5:00PM, Studio 2, $265
Thursday 4:00–5:00PM, Studio 3, $265

Level 1B, ages 6–9

Monday 4:00–5:00PM, Studio 3, $265
Tuesday 5:00–6:00PM, Studio 3, $265

Level 2A, ages 7–9

Tuesday 4:00–5:00PM, Studio 3, $265
Thursday 5:00–6:00PM, Studio 3, $265

Level 2B, ages 7–9

Wednesday 4:00–5:00PM, Studio 3, $265
Thursday 4:00–5:00PM, Studio 2, $265

Level 3A

Wednesday 5:00–6:15PM, Studio 3, $265
Saturday 10:30–11:30AM, Studio 3, $265
All Class rate $500

Level 3B

Monday 4:15–5:30PM, Studio 2, $305
Friday 4:00–5:15PM, Studio 2, $305
Saturday 11:30AM–12:30PM (pre-pointe), Studio 3, $265
All Class rate $830

Level 4

Monday 4:15–6:15PM, Studio 1, $395
Tuesday 4:00–5:15PM, Studio 1, $305
Thursday 5:00–6:30PM, Studio 2, $335
Saturday 9:00–11:30PM (pointe), Studio 2, $450
All Class rate $1,410

Level 5

Monday 6:00–8:00PM (w/Pointe), Studio 3, $395
Tuesday 5:00–6:30PM, Studio 2, $335
Wednesday 6:15–7:45PM, Studio 2, $335
Thursday 4:00–5:30PM, Studio 1, $335
Friday 5:15–6:45PM (pointe), Studio 2, $335
All Class rate $1,650

Level 6

Monday 5:30–7:30PM, Studio 2, $395
Tuesday 6:30–8:00PM, Studio 2, $335
Wednesday 4:00–6:15PM (w/Variations), Studio 2, $425
Thursday 6:45–8:15PM, Studio 2, $335
Friday 5:30–7:00PM (pointe), Studio 1, $335
All Class rate $1,735

Level 7

Monday 6:15-8:15PM, Studio 1, $395
Tuesday 5:15–6:45PM, Studio 1, $335
Wednesday 4:00–6:15PM (w/Variations), Studio 1, $425
Thursday 6:45–8:15PM, Studio 1, $335
Friday 4:00–5:30PM (pointe), Studio 1, $335
All Class rate $1,735

Pas de Deux Class and Coaching

Levels 6 & 7 – If you wish to be in the Pas de Deux class on Tuesdays, from 6:45-7:45pm you must audition or receive an invitation. Cost for Pas Class is $265.

Levels 5-7 – Coaching
Small group coaching sessions are available for dancers who are enrolled in all their classes. Choreography for competitions or auditions is rehearsed in these sessions. Space is limited. Interested dancers must schedule an interview with the school director to determine suitability. Fees vary.

To sign up for coaching, please contact Ana @ Ana@boulderballet.org or Beth @ beth@boulderballet.org.

Beginning Teen Ballet

Designed for students aged 11–16 who are new to ballet and want classical training that will prepare them to integrate into regular student-based classes.
Thursday 5:30–6:45PM, Studio 1, $305

Boys Program

Boys Ballet 1, ages 8 and up
Offers classical training geared toward the male technique. If new to ballet, schedule private lessons with Lance Hardin to catch up. Taught by Lance Hardin.
Friday 5:00–6:00PM, Studio 3, $265

Boyz Dance 1, ages 9–12
This class provides a physical structure to prepare young boys for many physical activities while introducing dance as its platform. Young male dancers can expect to unlock flexibility to provide greater strength and quicker recovery from physical exertion. Taught by Lance Hardin.
Friday, 6:00–6:45PM, Studio 3, $230

All Class rate $470

Spring Break: March 25–29, 2019

Studio Location
All Boulder Ballet studios are located at the Dairy ARTS Center, 2590 Walnut Street, Boulder, at the intersection of Walnut and 26th Street.
Free parking is available in the parking lot on the west side of the building off of Walnut Street. During construction at The Dairy, please enter through the front door.