Dance on Screen

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A new 1-day class for summer – Friday, August 11, 2017

Learn a dance, turn that dance into a mini-film, take home the DVD. Taught by Erin Tunbridge.Directors Board w text

Levels 3A–4A
Wonderland Lake Park (meet at the playground off Poplar Ave, Boulder)

Levels 4B–7
29th Street Mall (meet at Starbucks on 29th St. Boulder)

Limited space available. Only 10 per group.
To register, contact Nan in the BB office M–F 3–6pm located at the Dairy Arts Center.
P: 303.443.0028 ext. 201

Erin created a piece for BB2 in May, presenting dance on screen. The response from this was so great that it sparked this new workshop for young dancers to experience creating a dance film. This class will be a small taste of the process and the students will receive the final product on DVD.
DVD will be available for collection the following week.


What happens during the 3.5 hours for each class?
Students will:
– learn a dance sequence
– have the opportunity to choreograph and/or adapt learned sequences for site-specific film
– work as a team to set the movement and film
Note: there will be breaks throughout the class time.

What should the participants wear?
Comfortable everyday summer clothing, without brands or images showing. Dresses are ok with bike shorts underneath. Soft closed shoes required such as canvas shoes. Bring clothing and shoe options if unsure.

Where do we meet?
Level 3A–4A meet at Wonderland Lake Park playground off Poplar Avenue.
Level 4B–7 meet at Starbucks on 29th Street Mall.

What is the parents’ responsibility (pick-up/drop-off, hanging out etc.)?
Parents are responsible for dropping off their child at the start and picking up their child at the end of class. You do not need to stay during the class time, though you are welcome to if you like.

Do we need to bring food?
Snacks would be a good idea as there will be some small breaks.

Yes, bring a water bottle.

How do we register?
Contact Nan in the office M–F 3–6pm.
303.443.0028 ext. 201 or email

What forms of payment are accepted?
Cash or check. Please see Nan in the office M–F 3–6pm for details and to make payment, or call 303.443.0028 ext. 201.

Who is running the class?
Erin Tunbridge will be running the class. She is our Marketing Manager and Outreach Director, and most recently created a dance film for BB2 in May.
Read more about Erin here.

When will the DVD be ready?
The DVD will be ready on Monday August 14. You can collect the DVD from Nan in the office anytime after this during office hours (M–F, 3–6pm).

Is this open to Boulder Ballet students only?
Nope. Anyone interested may join, though it is first-come-first-served with only 10 places per class. Dance experience recommended.

What is the price of this class?
$65.00, includes the DVD.