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Everything you need to know about our end-of-year recital!

Scroll down to see the performance schedule, but read everything in between.

Dress RehearsalGala_2
  • We will not hold regular classes on Friday and Saturday, May 2627, due to dress rehearsal and performances.
  • Dress Rehearsal for all shows will take place on Friday, May 26, at 4:00 in the Gordon Gamm Theater here at the Dairy. All students in the shows must attend at the time assigned them.
  • It is important for students to arrive at dress rehearsal on time.
  • Students should be in their costumes, with make-up and hair done before rehearsal begins. Leave jewelry at home. Do not be late.
  • Each instructor has given or will give instructions by April 28 about costumes, make-up, and hair for the shows. If you do not have that information or you have questions, please talk to the instructor so you can get ready without stress.
  • It is important for you to review the schedule (below) for rehearsal times.
  • Group photos will take place in studio 1 during dress rehearsal on Friday, May 26, 4:00–8:30pm.
  • Performances will run on Saturday and Sunday, May 2728, in the Gordon Gamm Theater.
  • Please review the schedule (below) for show date(s) and time for every class.
  • Dancers performing on Saturday at 2:00, Sunday at 12:00, and Sunday at 2:00 will meet in the lobby 30 minutes before the show. Please arrive on time! We need to stay on schedule. Students will be led into the theater, and then parents will be seated.
  • Dancers performing in the 4:00 shows need to come 30 minutes before the show. They will either go backstage or to studio 2; we will have signs posted in both areas detailing where they should be.
  • Tickets are now available at the Dairy ARTS Center box office. You can also purchase your tickets online here on our website. Tickets are $14.00 each and are for general admission seating. You can purchase tickets for people attending their children’s additional shows for $7.00 each.
  • Parents, students in levels 3A and up perform both days at the 4:00 shows. Please remember to purchase tickets according to your dancer’s last name: A–L come on Saturday at 4:00pm; M–Z come on Sunday at 4:00pm.
  • Volunteers needed! We are looking for volunteers to lend a hand with the 4:00 performances on May 27–28. These are our needs:
    Backstage      3:30 – end of show    3 volunteers
    Studio 2          3:30 – end of show    3 volunteers
    Backstage       3:30 – end of show    3 volunteers
    Studio 2          3:30 – end of show    3 volunteers
    *Please note: If you are assisting with a show, you will not be able watch as you will be helping throughout that time.
    If you can pitch in to make these performances run smoothly, please email ( or phone (303-443-0028, x201).­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
  • Group Photos
    Friday, May 26, 4:00–8:30pm
    After students finish with their rehearsal in the theater, they will go to studio 1 to have their class photos taken by Eli Akerstein Photography (Creative Movement – Level 1B will be escorted). Group photos can be purchased only at the time of the photoshoot.
  • Individual Photos
    Saturday 12:45–4:00pm
    Sunday 10:30am-6:45pm
    Bring your children in costume to Studio 1 to have professional studio portraits taken. Eli Akerstein Photography has worked with the country’s best dance companies and schools, so don’t miss out!
Rehearsal & Performance Schedule
Class Class Day & Time Instructor Performances: Sat, May 27 and/or Sun May 28
Creative Movement Mon 3:30 Kate Adams Sat 2:00
Pre-Ballet Mon 3:15 Kelsey Byrne Sat 2:00
Pre-Ballet Fri 3:45 Anna Warrener Sat 2:00
Level 1A Mon 4:00 Kelsey Byrne Sat 2:00
Creative Movement Sat 9:00 Kate Adams Sun 12:00
Creative Movement Tues 3:15 Anna Warrener Sun 12:00
Pre-Ballet Sat 9:45 Kate Adams Sun 12:00
Level 1A Thurs 4:00 Amy Earnest Sun 12:00
Level 1B Tues 5:00 Anna Warrener Sun 12:00
Creative Movement Fri 3:00 Anna Warrener Sun 2:00
Pre-Ballet Wed 3:15 Kate Adams Sun 2:00
Level 1A Tues 4:00 Amy Earnest Sun 2:00
Level 1B Mon 4:00 Amy Earnest Sun 2:00
Level 2A Thurs 4:00 Anna Warrener Sat 4:00
Level 2A Tues 4:00 Anna Warrener Sun 4:00
Level 2B Thurs 5:00 Anna Warrener Sat 4:00
Level 2B Wed 4:00 Ana Claire Sun 4:00
Level 3A Sat 9:00 Amy Earnest Sat & Sun 4:00
Level 3B Sat 10:00 Amy Earnest Sat & Sun 4:00
Beginning Teen Tues 6:30 Amy Earnest Sat & Sun 4:00
Level 4A Tues/Sat Ana Claire Sat & Sun 4:00
Level 4B/5 + 4B on Mon Tues 5:00 Amy Earnest Sat & Sun 4:00
Level 6/7 + 7 on Thurs Wed 4:00 Lance Hardin Sat & Sun 4:00
Partnering Tues 6:45 Ana Claire/Lance Hardin Sat & Sun 4:00
Pointe – Level 4A Sat 9:00 Ana Claire Sat & Sun 4:00
Pointe Fri 4:00 Becky Jancosko Sat & Sun 4:00
Pointe Fri 4:30 Anna Warrener Sat & Sun 4:00
Pointe Fri 5:30 Becky Jancosko Sat & Sun 4:00
Musical Theater – L 4B/5 Mon 5:30 Ana Claire Sat & Sun 4:00
Character – Level 6 Wed 5:30 Becky Jancosko Sat & Sun 4:00
Modern – Level 7 Wed 5:30 Cindy Brandle Sat & Sun 4:00
Boyz Dance Fri 5:30 Lance Hardin Sat & Sun 4:00
Teen Tues 6:30 Amy Earnest Sat & Sun 4:00

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